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Collectible card game. VICTORY by Pepys 1939 WW2

Collectible card game. VICTORY by Pepys, (Castell Brothers) 1939 (WW2)
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Victory by Pepys, lovely art, wartime game 1939, ,complete + rules leaflet,  all very good condition + box poor

The 44 cards game divided into six sets:

(a) Master: Churchill, Chamberlain, Gort and Newall cards 

(b) Navy: w A.B., Petty Officer, Sub-Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieut.-Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear-Admiral and Admiral cards 

(c) Army: Private, Corporal, Sergeant-Major, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General and Field-Marshal cards 

(d) R.A.F. Aircraftman, Mechanic, Sergeant, Observer, Pilot Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing-Commander and Air Marshal cards 

(e) Home: A.R.P. Warden, Auxilliary Fireman, Police, Aux.Territorial Service, V.A.D., Land Army, Ambulance Driver, Cook and Auxiliary Air Force 

(f) Penalty cards with Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, and Ribbentrop