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Cigarette cards The R.A.F. at Work 1937 set

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Cigarette cards The R.A.F. at Work 1937 set of 48
The R.A.F. at Work 1937 set of 48 large size cigarette cards The cigarette cards in the set are : 1 Fitters and Riggers inspecting Fairey "Battle" 2 Fitters inspecting Vickers "Wellesley" Bombers 3 Overseas Fitters working on Rolls-Royce "Kestrel" engine 4 Fitter repairing aeroplane in desert 5 Overseas motor transport fitters repairing RAF car 6 Fitters (armourer) repairing machine guns 7 Fitters (torpedo) adjusting torpedo 8 Fitters (torpedo) wheeling torpedo into position 9 Instrument makers testing gyroscopes 10 Instrument makers working engraving machine 11 Instrument maker testing Revolution Indicatorwith Stroboscope 12 Instrument maker adjusting Automatic Control 13 Instrument maker calibrating Air-Speed indicator 14 Instrument repairer testing Air-Speed indicator 15 Sergeant Backsmith at work 16 Metal workers welding with high-pressure Acetylene 17 Wireless operator mechanic adjusting wireless set 18 Flight mechanics installing engine in the test bench 19 Flight mechanic examining instrument panel of test bench 20 Flight mechanics installing engine into airframe 21 Maintenance of engine and testing wireless set 22 Flight mechanics starting engine 23 Flight mechanics refuelling aeroplane 24 Flight mechanics refuelling aeroplane in desert 25 Flight mechanics inspecting short "Singapore III" flying-boat 26 Flight riggers under instruction at Henlow 27 Flight riggers receiving instruction on skeleton airframe 28 Flight riggers removing wheel from undercarriage 29 Flight riggers "topping-up" Oleo-leg 30 Wireless operator testing installation 31 Cooks at work 32 Parachute repair flight 33 Final inspection of pilot parachute 34 Fabric workers covering wing 35 Coxswain in charge of Flying-boat tender 36 Motor boat and crew 37 Machine tool setter working on lathe 38 Driver (petrol) in charge of Mobile Crane 39 Driver (petrol) at wheel of Fire-engine 40 Sergeant pilot 41 Corporal air gunner practicing with Camera gun 42 Airman swinging the Airscrew 43 Parachute jumping 44 Short "Sunderland" flying-boat 45 Lowering float-plane on to sea 46 Army co-operation aeroplane picking up message 47 Armoured cars crossing the desert 48 Airman's club at Abu Sueir, Egypt. .