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Cigarette cards Cricketers 1928 set of 50 By wills

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Cigarette cards Cricketers 1928 set of 50 By wills

This is a terrific complete set of 50 cigarette cards issued in 1928 by - W D & H O Wills The cards are depicting famous Cricketers from 1928 all in very good condtion

The cigarette card in the set are:
W. E. Astill (Leicestershire) W. E. Bates (Glamorgan) G. Brown (Hampshire) Hon. F. S. G. Calthorpe (Warwickshire)  Mr. A. P. F. Chapman (Kent) E. C. Clark (Northamptonshire)  A. E. Dipper (Gloucestershire) Mr. J. W. H. T. Douglas (Essex) G. Duckworth (Lancashire) K. S. Duleepsinhji (Cambridge University & Sussex) Mr. G. F. Earle (Somerset) Mr. P. G. H. Fender (Surrey) A. P. Freeman (Kent) G. Geary (Leicestershire)  Mr. A. E. R. Gilligan (Sussex) G. Gunn (Nottinghamshire) C. Hallows (Lancashire) W. R. Hammoond (Gloucestershire) H. T. W. Hardinge (Kent) J. W. Hearne (Middlesex) E. Hendren (Middlesex) J. B. Hobbs (Surrey) P. Holmes (Yorkshire) Mr. G. R. Jackson (Derbyshire) Mr. D. R. Jardine (Surrey)Mr. V. W. C. Jupp orthamptonshire)Roy Kilner (Yorkshire)  H. Larwood (Nottinghamshire) B. Lilley (Nottinghamshire) E. A. Macdonald (Lancashire)Mr. F. T. Mann (Middlesex) C. P. Mead (Hampshire) J. Merecer (Glamorgan) C. W. L. Parker (Gloucestershire) W. Rhodes (Yorkshire) F. Root (Worcestershire)
A. C.  Russell (Essex) F. Ryan (Glamorgan) A. Sandham (Surrey) E. J. Smith (Warwickshire) Mr. G. T. Stevens (Middlesex) H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire) M. W. Tate (Sussex) Hon. L. H. Tennyson (Hampshire) L. Townsend (Derbyshire) E. Tyldesley (Lancashire) Mr. J. C. White (Somerset)  W. W. Whysall (Nottinghamshire) F. E. Woolley (Kent) Mr. R. E. S. Wyatt (Warwickshire

Circa: 1928
Manufacturer: W D & H O Wills